NetBeans IDE Java Editor

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NetBeans IDE Java Editor


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The Essential NetBeans IDE Java Editor Cheat Sheet

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Erik nono replied on Mon, 2008/07/28 - 6:43am

this ref card misses some of the point:

A ref card needs to contain a lot of info in a limited space.

So why waste space on pics of the writers, on adds for other ref cards, on picutures of the writers, a blue left margin ?

They could have done a great job on only 4 pages... 


no "about",

no pictures and life stories of writers. I don't wanna see them every time i look up a keyboard short cut

forget about how to get netbeans. Using the ref card presupposes having netbeans..

No quick start: you can find it on the net.

forget about the MAC.

no recommended books.


Javier Diaz replied on Thu, 2008/09/11 - 10:03am

Forget about Erik2055 too ...

Dick Larsson replied on Fri, 2009/05/15 - 12:41pm

Thanks alot for this great refcard. Really helpful. Keep up the good work.

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