Functional Programming with Clojure: Simple Concurrency on the JVM

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Functional Programming with Clojure

Simple Concurrency on the JVM

By Tim Berglund and Matthew McCullough

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Functional Programming with Clojure Simple Concurrency on the JVM

Functional Programming with Clojure Simple Concurrency on the JVM

By Tim Berglund and Matthew McCullough


About The Authors

Photo of author Tim Berglund

Tim Berglund

Tim Berglund combines a broad perspective on software architecture and team dynamics with a passion for hands-on development. He specializes in web development using the Grails framework, bringing expertise in the browser, database design, and enterprise integration to bear on browser-based solutions. His skill as a teacher and his integrative approach to technology, team, and organizational problem-solving makes him an ideal partner during periods of disruptive technology change in your organization.

Tim embraces the Java platform, including both the Java language and its highproductivity cousin, Groovy. He also helps clients bring agility to their database development using the Liquibase database refactoring tool, having applied, coached, and lectured on it extensively. He is committed to applying and helping teams excel with agile methods in all of his engagements.

Through his partnership with, Tim offers public and private classroom training in Groovy, Grails, and Liquibase, and is available to develop custom courseware by private engagement.

Tim is a frequent speaker at domestic and international conferences, including the Scandinavian Developer Conference, JavaZone, Strange Loop, and the No Fluff Just Stuff tour.

Photo of author Matthew McCullough

Matthew McCullough

Matthew McCullough is an energetic 15 year veteran of enterprise software development, open source education, and co-founder of Ambient Ideas, LLC, a Denver, Colorado, USA consultancy. Matthew is a published author, open source creator, speaker at over 100 conferences, and author of three of the top 10 Refcardz of all time. He writes frequently on software and presenting at his blog:

Recommended Book

Photo of Book: Programming Clojure

If you’re a Java programmer, if you care about concurrency, or if you enjoy working in low-ceremony language such as Ruby or Python, Programming Clojure is for you. Clojure is a generalpurpose language with direct support for Java, a modern Lisp dialect, and support in both the language and data structures for functional programming. Programming Clojure shows you how to write applications that have the beauty and elegance of a good scripting language, the power and reach of the JVM, and a modern, concurrency-safe functional style. Now you can write beautiful code that runs fast and scales well.

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