Core Mule

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Core Mule

By Jos Dirksen

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The Essential Mule Cheat Sheet

Mule is one of the most mature open source enterprise service busses (ESBs) out there. It provides an easy to use, lightweight ESB that can easily be integrated with a large amount of technologies. Mule also provides a rich set of routers, transformers, and filters which you can use in your own integration flows. This DZone Refcard will provide an overview of the architecture of Mule and show the different routers, transformers, and filters that are available, and will show how to use them by using example configurations.
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Joost Verschuren replied on Sat, 2009/03/28 - 6:46am

Nice work, Jos.


Just what I needed.

Wutz Meier replied on Tue, 2009/07/21 - 2:46pm

Fine, but the pdf file has the number #40 the the scribd is #36.

#36 should be correct.



Jams Jammy replied on Thu, 2014/10/02 - 5:30am in response to: Joost Verschuren

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