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Daily Dose - Redis 2 Release Candidate

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The first release candidate for the NoSQL data store, Redis, is now available with new features such as significant performance optimizations, a new test suite, and an AOF (Aggregate Objective Function) check tool.  Committers to the project are finally getting a chance to go through and start optimizing different parts of the Redis code base.  Redis creator Salvatore Sanfilippo, is now getting more time and resources to work on the project since he was hired by VMware last month.  Sanfilippo says the next versions will work on improving the code base instead of adding new features.  For more info on this release, see this article.

Google Now Offers Encrypted Search
For a while, security experts have warned that hackers could easily listen in to someone's Google searches without encryption protection.  Over the weekend, Google rolled out an optional feature that adds SSL encryption to its primary search.  To get the secure https connection feature, you simply add an "s" to the Google domain name ( when you go to search.

Novell on the Auction Block
After a hedge fund organization was turned down for offering too little, Novell is now taking bids from up to 20 companies for its acquisition.  There's no indication whether Novell's four business units (including Linux technology and identity management) will be sold separately.  The sale of Novell is expected to be in access of the previously offered $2 billion price tag.

An Android Tablet Showcased at I/O
A prototype tablet running the Android OS was showcased at the Google I/O conference last week.  Built by Foxconn and based on Nvidia's Tegra 2 platform, the tablet featured a 8.9 inch display, a 1GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9-based processor, and 1GB of RAM.  The tablet also included a built-in webcam, microphone, audio jacks, a MicroSD slot, a docking connection, and two USB ports.  The tablet was about one centimeter thick.  Image Credit: Engadget

Google Pacman - Source
Did you see that Pacman game on the Google search page last week?  Here's your chance to get the source code.
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Loren Kratzke replied on Mon, 2010/05/24 - 2:46pm

Has anybody else noticed that the last link on the daily dose pages always yields a SQL exception when clicked?

Clicking the Google Pacman - Source link gives this:

Duplicate entry '26180' for key 'PRIMARY'


Matthew Schmidt replied on Mon, 2010/05/24 - 4:03pm in response to: Loren Kratzke

Actually, it was just your account.  It should be fixed now.  If it's not, please email support at


Loren Kratzke replied on Mon, 2010/06/14 - 6:47pm in response to: Matthew Schmidt

Late response, but yes, this works now. Thanks Matt, you are an awsome contributor.

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