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Jill Tomich11/30/08
25 replies

Getting Started with Hibernate Search Refcard Available - Download Now

Hibernate Search brings the power of full text search queries on persistent domain models, and brings Lucene search features to the Hibernate world. DZone's Getting Started with Hibernate Search refcard explains installation and configuration, and covers...

Jill Tomich11/23/08
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Core Seam Refcard Available - Download Now

Seam is a powerful application framework that integrates standard Java EE technologies with a wide variety of nonstandard technologies into a consistent, unified, programming model. Seam drove the development othe Web Beans specification (JSR-299) and...

Jill Tomich11/16/08
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Essential Ruby Refcard Available - Download Now

"Everything is an Object"Ruby is an easy-to-learn, dynamic, object-oriented programminglanguage with dynamic typing and automatic memory management. Thisrefcard provides a quick reference to language elements and manyimportant API functions for...

Jill Tomich11/09/08
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Essential MySQL Refcard Available - Download Now

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. Its scalability, robustness and high performance have made MySQL the database of choice by sites like Yahoo!, Craigslist, Wikipedia, YouTube, Flikr, and Facebook. The MySQL Refcard is an invaluable...

Jill Tomich11/02/08
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JUnit and EasyMock Refcard Available - Download Now

JUnit is a free, elegant and easy Java unit test framework that developers in the know use to increase the stability of their software. Often used together with EasyMock, which provides Mock Objects for interfaces in JUnit tests, these are the predominant...

Jill Tomich10/26/08
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Getting Started with MyEclipse Refcard Available - Download Now

MyEclipse is the most comprehensive Java EE / J2EE IDE for the open source Eclipse platform.Downloaded over 10 million times, MyEclipse ( is the #1 commercial Eclipse-based IDE, with industry-leading support for Java and...

Jill Tomich10/19/08
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Spring Annotations Refcard Available - Download Now

DZone Presents Spring Annotations.Brought to you by Craig Walls, author of the Spring Configuration refcard.

Jill Tomich10/05/08
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Core Java Refcard Available - Download Now

DZone launches the latest Refcard - Core Java!This refcard gives you an overview of key aspects of the Java language and cheat sheets on the core library (formatted output, collections, regular expressions, logging, properties) as well as the most commonly...

Jill Tomich09/21/08
1 replies

Getting Started with JPA Refcard Available - Download Now

Created by co-lead, Mike Keith, of the EJB 3.0 and JPA 1.0 specifications, this refcard will give users enough to understand the basics of JPA and get started writing JPA applications. The Java Persistence API (JPA) is the Java standard for mapping Java...

Jill Tomich09/07/08
4 replies

Struts 2 Refcard Available - Download Now

Struts2 is the next generation of model-view-controller web application frameworks. It aims at providing increased productivity through reduced XML configuration, smart conventions, and a modular and loosely-coupled architecture. This refcard refers to...

Jill Tomich08/17/08
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Very First Steps in Flex Refcard Available - Download Now

Rich Internet Applications and Flex are taking off. Many developers need to learn Flex fast. This refcard will help readers get started learning Flex. Firstly, a simple “Hello, World” application which will help familiarize readers with the Flex Builder...

Jill Tomich07/28/08
11 replies

NetBeans IDE 6.1 Java Editor

The only IDE you need! You’ll find this reference card helpful if you want to get as much out of the Java editor as its authors intended when creating it. It lists all the keyboard shortcuts in carefully thought out categories and it provides a thorough...

Jill Tomich07/20/08
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RSS and Atom Refcard Available - Download Now

The RSS and Atom reference card is a valuable source of information whether you are creating and serving, or subscribing to and parsing feeds. It lists the XML elements in the most widely used feed formats and it illustrates the relationship between multiple...

Jill Tomich07/06/08
2 replies

IntelliJ IDEA Refcard Available - Download Now

Software developers know the importance of using the best tool for the job. Often this means choosing a world-class integrated development environment (IDE), which JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA certainly is. But the best developers don't just have the right tools,...

Nitin Bharti06/22/08
5 replies

Flexible Rails Refcard Available - Download Now

Peter Armstrong, author of Flexible Rails and Enterprise Flexible Rails, has put together an overview of Flex and Rails.