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Wei Ling Chen03/20/09
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Calling All Virtualization Experts! Refcard Author Needed

Calling for all Virtualization Experts! As you may know, we have a fun project we're working on called Refcardz and these are a series of free professional cheat sheets for developers. We have released 45 titles since May 2008 and have had over 400,000...

Wei Ling Chen03/20/09
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Calling All Camel Reviewers: Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel

Calling All Reviewers. We need your feedback by Friday, March 27th.We're in the middle of finishing up the Camel refcard by Claus Ibsen and needs your help. Please take a look at this draft in the link below and give us your two cents. Also, please feel free...

Nitin Bharti03/16/09
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Agile Adoption Refcard for Decreasing Time to Market Available for Download

What is Agile? Do you have the right agile practices for your team? This Refcard focuses on choosing the right agile practices for your team or organization when getting to market faster is of prime importance. Learn about the practices that are the building...

Wei Ling Chen03/09/09
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JBoss RichFaces Refcard, Download Yours Now

I know you have been waiting, and here it is! JBoss RichFaces Refcard by Nick Belaevski, Ilya Shaikovski, Jay Balunas, and Max Katz. One lucky downloader will be selected to win a free copy of the Practical RichFaces book! So wait no more! Download yours now...

Wei Ling Chen03/03/09
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Free Core Seam Refcard at the Emerging Technologies Conference

Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference: Philadelphia, PA, March 26-27, 2009See what you can learn at this smart 2 day event! Special Offer, You can get $25 off with promo code: ETEDEVGroup special also available: Buy 3 get 1 Free!  Click here to...

Wei Ling Chen03/02/09
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Scalability & High Availability Refcard Available Now

These days the words Scalability and Availability are thrown around so often that often it is difficult to know what they actually mean in each case. And this is why we're here to help! This DZone Refcard provides you with the tools to define these terms so...

Wei Ling Chen03/02/09
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42: meaning of life or Seam UI Refcard?

Professional cheat sheets you can trust.  We bring you our #42 DZone Refcard on Seam UI.  We have literaly stuffed as much information on Seam UI as is humanly possible into these six pages.  Within this DZone Refcard you will find information on...

Wei Ling Chen02/16/09
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SOA Governance Refcard Available - Download Now!

SOA Governance refcard by Todd Biske. This brilliant 6-page refcard provides Enterprise Architects, senior IT managers, and SOA program managers with an overview of the considerations, approaches, and technologies necessary for successful SOA governance.

Wei Ling Chen02/09/09
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Get 20% off for DZone Members on Books (Packt Publishing)

DZone has arranged with Packt Publishing to offer DZone members an amazing deal on their books. Through December 31st, 2009, you can save 20% on any purchase at Packt Publishing. Take advantage of this great offer and order your books today! Like...

Wei Ling Chen02/03/09
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DZone's 40th Refcard released, check it out!

We are proud to announce our 40th Refcard, Apache Tapestry 5.0. Tapestry 5.0 is a high-productivity, component-based, open-source user interface tier for Java EE web applications. Download this cheat sheet and see what you can do with Tapestry application,...

Jill Tomich01/25/09
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Essential EMF Refcard Available - Download Now

The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is a powerful framework and code generation facility for building Java applications based on simple model definitions. This refcard will get you started with the Eclipse Modeling Framework.Features include Generating a...

Jill Tomich01/18/09
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Core Mule Refcard Available - Download Now

Mule is one of the most mature open source enterprise service busses (ESBs) out there. This reference card will provide an overview of the architecture of Mule and show the different routers, transformers, and filters that are available, and will show how to...

Jill Tomich01/11/09
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Getting Started with Equinox and OSGi Refcard Available - Download Now

Equinox is a highly modular, dynamic Java runtime environment based on the OSGi framework specifications. This reference card gives you a quick tour of the technology, how it works and how to use it. Features include Developing Your First Bundle, Launching an...

Jill Tomich12/21/08
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Using XML in Java Refcard Available - Download Now

As a diverse platform, Java has several solutions for working with XML. This refcard provides developers a concise overview of the different xml processing technologies in Java, and a use case of each technology. Features include XML File Sample, Parsing...

Jill Tomich12/07/08
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Essential JSP Expression Language Refcard Available - Download Now

The JavaServer Pages (JSP) Expression Language (EL) is a simple non-procedural scripting language that can be used to evaluate dynamic expressions within a JSP page. This refcard focuses on the Expression Language as applied to JSP pages. The EL described...