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Download Your Free Grails Cheat Sheet Now!

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New to Grails? Click here to download DZone's latest Refcard: Getting Started with Grails.

Grails is a full-stack web application framework built on top of popular open source frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, Ant, and JUnit. This cheat sheet helps you set up your first Grails application in minutes, and serves as a handy reference manual for working with Grails Controllers, Services, Views and GSP taglibs.

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About the Author: 

Dave Klein is a developer with Contegix, a company specializing in delivering managed internet infrastructure based upon Linux, Mac OS X, JEE, and Grails. Dave has worked as a developer, architect, project manager, mentor, and trainer for the past 15 years, and has presented at user groups and national conferences. Dave’s Groovy and Grails-related thoughts can be found at



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Renjy Cooper replied on Thu, 2011/01/20 - 9:30am

This is a great concept! I'm just a little computer illiterate, and need someone to walk me through this. Is there any 800 numbers I could contact? This would be a huge help to me.

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